Get to know Prague from a culinary point of view

Even though Prague has a lot of nice buildings, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s all about sightseeing. Many culinary places are waiting to be explored, delight visitors and enhance their experience. Come and be one of those lucky people.

Good location, great climate and a long history. We talk about Prague, historical centre of Europe. It combines the very best of what travellers seek in foreign countries: great food, breathtaking architecture and most importantly, fun. Prague never sleeps and when you discover it, you won‘t sleep neither – probably due to jet lag.

Food from around the world

Prague is located in the heart of Europe and it’s cuisine has been influenced by the surrounding countries. However, there are some specific local meals not to be found anywhere else. Czech people have a funny habit of naming local dishes by foreign names. For example: French potatoes, Spanish bird and Frankfurt soup that has nothing to do with Frankfurt, apart from containing a sausage. Finally, Prague offers quite a variety of international restaurants too: Italian, Mexican, Vietnamese, Chinese, Bulgarian etc. Altough the choice is vast, there are a few traps to be avoided.

Similarly, Prague has an ability to satisfy people with a sweet tooth. Places like Werichova vila, Zlatý kříž, or Café Orient Grand promise quality coffee and desserts. Go to Eska and taste the best cream puff of your life. It‘s so filling, some people have it for lunch. On the other hand, grocery shops provide an opportunity to buy local sweets to take home. Look for a so-called Metro dessert for approximately 1 euro. It was made for the first time in 1974 to celebrate the opening of Prague underground. This particular dessert is so sweet it will make your ears curl.

Not a Mainstream Tour

Has this article made you think about food relentlessly? Then there’s some good news. Local Food Tour Prague provides, you guessed it, Food Tour Prague. It means regular culinary excursions for people interested in exploring local Czech cuisine in more depth. It gives an opportunity to experience Prague and its history from a culinary point of view. You’ll see some sights, but more importantly, taste variety of meals and get to understand their cultural significance. The Prague Food Tour provides small groups of maximum six people as well as private experiences for couples and families.